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About me

I'm Marcelo Alves

For over 20 years I have owned my professional experience through working in the kitchens of well known restaurants and Embassies in London, Paris and Vienna. Furthermore I did attend several cooking courses around the world and studied gastronomy at the Academie de Paris university in France, where I have achieved the highest degree issued in French Cuisine.

My specialization lies within the Italian, Brazilian and French cuisine but I have also developed my own international style bringing together the best of what I was able to learn during my years in this profession. Now, I am keeping up with international trends and am offering the best of knowledge working in Vienna.

Today, I am very pleased to use my experience in Vienna, Austria in diplomatic services and private events, where I am responsible for management as well as planning and organizing. I am cooperating with number of people from different nationalities, sharing space and experience with different chefs and working with high-level authorities and politicians.

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Kiss, The Cook

In the restaurant "Kiss, The Cook", together with Tamás Kiss, I offer freshly cooked, balanced lunch menus with high-quality and regional products for self-service on a daily basis.

Our guests can choose between two soups, various main courses (meat, fish or vegetarian) and a dessert.

The breads (made of sourdough) that are served with the meals, as well as all cakes and pies (also gluten-free) are baked by us with the greatest care. We do not use any convenience products, flavour enhancers or aromas in any of our dishes.


You can find our restaurant at Komödiengasse 3, 1200 Vienna. Opening hours are from Monday to Friday between 11:00 and 15:00.

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